Telephone Bill Auditing

A thorough telecom audit is one of the simplest and most efficient ways for a business to recoup money and improve efficiencies.  According to several industry trade groups, 80% of telephone bills contain errors.  Our own research would suggest a higher percentage based on what we find for our clients.

Our auditors have found millions of dollars in overcharges for our clients.  In addition, we've streamlined the Telecom category for companies that had very little experience in managing all the contracts, expiration dates, and circuit inventory.

Here are some actual examples of routine findings for our clients:

  • We discovered 6 unused point to point T1s at a multi location client of ours in New York, that after cancelling, saved them $37,573 annually.
  • A 4-location Minnesota client of ours had cancelled a data T1 circuit 2 years prior to bringing us in to evaluate their telecom situation.  Within a week of beginning our working relationship we were able to obtain a $9800 credit from the carrier that continued billing them all that time.  In addition we discovered 2 separate ISDN BRI lines that hadn't been in use for years that we were able to cancel, saving the client an additional $2000 annually.
  • A 6-location client of ours from Texas had over $730 in monthly erroneous charges on their phone bills.  We cancelled those charges and also went back to get them complete credits.  Their 12 month savings totalled $19,549.

Our auditing specialists will represent your company on a contingency fee basis and work towards the following goals: