Case Study 2


Food Products Company


57 Plus locations

Annual Telecom Spend:



This customer had some unacceptable problems with the data T1's at 20 of their locations.  They were unreliable and consisted of several different arbitrary carriers that weren't sold as the "right fit" for the customer, rather they were sold by direct carrier reps that had one product to sell.  The customer asked if KamRock could help them find the best fit for their T1's preferably with one carrier that would be the most reliable in the footprint of their 20 locations in question.  They also needed additional bandwidth at many locations.


KamRock mapped out where all of the customer locations were and narrowed potential suppliers down to an RBOC that was on-net in 17 of the 20 locales.


KamRock was able to save this client 20%, or $42,000 in 12-month savings all while doubling the bandwidth at many of their locations.  KamRock is also going to work on phase 2 of the project which will include the voice portion of their business as the current contracts expire.