Case Study 1


National Automobile Dealership Group


70-Plus Nationwide

Annual Telecom Spend:



This client's Telecom category was extremely decentralized and each general manager at each location was responsible for sourcing telecom.  While the IT department at the corporate office had a great handle on the Data & MPLS network, this did not hold true for the voice services.  Therefore, most locations were either overpaying for services or paying for services they didn't need.  While in other areas these dealerships were lacking in services like not enough lines for telephone calls to get through..


We put together a plan that would allow us to work on their voice services in small clusters of dealerships.  The main reason for sourcing telecom this way was that there wasn't really a single "acceptable" national carrier that the customer felt comfortable with.  So, instead we worked with many stable regional carriers.


To date, KamRock has saved this client an average of 36% savings in all regions we've worked, totalling around $200,000 in annual savings.  This number will continue to increase.