Case Study 3


National Aviation Staffing Organization


7 locations

Annual Telecom Spend:



This client had older pricing plans with several different carriers across the country for years.  Despite repeated attempts to sit down and discuss the latest technology and pricing changes with this client, they didn't want to discuss anything about their services.  Eventually, we were able to have a meeting with them.  Once we sat down it was evident that they were not on the best rate plans and they really should have added an MPLS solution to connect all of their locations together a few years earlier.  We also found that they were paying a $600 phone bill every month that was cancelled many years ago. 


KamRock immediately got to work on getting a refund for the years of overcharges that the client was paying.  At the same time we were attempting to find a single source carrier solution that would add MPLS to their current setup. 


After a few months of working with their old carrier that was overcharging them we were able to recover almost $20,000 for the client.  In addition, we were able to cut the client's expenses while adding a complete MPLS network saving the client around 7% while greatly enhancing their  voice and data network.